About Us

Embracing Freedom and Beauty with Siscute

In the fast-paced modern life, the pursuit of beauty has become a common aspiration for countless women. However, for Joyce, a professional woman who cherishes freedom and beauty, this pursuit often comes with inconvenience and time consumption.

Joyce loves experimenting with various beautiful things, but each trip to the nail salon not only costs $80 to $150 but also requires hours of sitting, which becomes burdensome. She tried buying nail polish from Amazon and doing DIY at home, but besides simple designs, it's difficult to achieve the same level of attractiveness as YouTube bloggers. It was all frustrating.

Until one day, she happened to chat with some friends who do nails. They hit it off and decided to provide a more convenient service for beauty seekers. Thus, Siscute was born, utilizing their spare time to prepare and sell press-on nails online.